Terms & Conditions

We will be always happy to assist you with your travel plans anytime. If you need to change the details of your trip you are always welcome to contact us and we will make the necessary arrangements.

Please read our cancellation policy and terms of service below carefully!

1. Cancellation & Refund Policy:

  1. Cancellation until 60 days prior to departure date: Full refund excluding bank transfer fee if applicable + penalty charged by airlines and hotels.
  2. Cancellation until 48 days or more prior to departure date: 75 % refund
  3. Cancellation until 30 days or more prior to departure date: 50 % refund
  4. Cancellation until 14 days or more prior to departure date: 30 % refund
  5. Cancellation until 7 days or more prior to departure date: 20 % refund
  6. Cancellation less than 7 days prior to departure date: No refund!

If the tour is cancelled by us with any reason, all payments will be returned in full & the full refund will be paid by the same method that the original payment was made.

2. Liability & Responsibility

Victor Expedition LLC cannot be liable for any loss, damage, injuries, accidents, illness and any other costs sustained by customers whilst on holiday. The same applies for any changes in tour schedule due to weather or any other natural disasters. Victor Expedition LLC reserves the right to change routes, schedules and itineraries when necessary due to weather, road conditions or should the necessity arise due to unexpected reasons. We advise our travelers to purchase adequate travel & medical insurance to reduce possible losses due to unforeseen circumstances during their trip.

3. Deposit & Payment

Upon confirmation of a reservation, you are required to deposit 10% of the total amount within 3 days of booking confirmation including international bank transfer fees. Final payment is due within 14 days prior to your tour departure.

A confirmation letter will be submitted in advance with the appropriate bank account details and you shall direct the deposit or the balance via bank transfer to the account in USD or EURO.

4. Safety & Security

Our staffs are professional and are dedicated to personalized customer service. Our tour drivers obtained a tourist driving license, experienced in the tourism field more than 5 years and specialized in road safety in each destination.

The customer must ensure that he or she is medically and physically fit and able to take part in our recommended activities. We request that you inform us if you or any member of your party has any health problems that might be affected by the tour activities.

5. Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is not covered in our tour cost. It is advisable to obtain a comprehensive travel & health insurance that covers emergency medical expenses, personal accident, serious injury and others in avoiding any travel risk liable but not certain to occur.

Please inform us in advance about your insurance provider details and an emergency contact person for quick access in the event of any emergency.

6. Amendment

In case if you want to make amendments to your booking, no charge will be applied if the amendments are not close to the deadline of cancellation (please see cancellation policy above). When an amendment is made, the tour cost may change and the new price will apply.

Drop us a line & we’re always ready to help you!